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Tall, white haired, calling people out… and named Mathias.
It doesn’t help that I already associate the name with Dracula thanks to Castlevania… but that design [and attitude] certainly screams it. Love how he looks and looking forward to what he can bring to the story

I didn’t know there was a Mathias in Castlevania! lol But I’m glad you dig it! : D I worked on his design for a looooong time lol

Castlevania Lament of innocence for the ps2 shows basically the origin of the series. The ‘birth’ of Dracula, the tragic creation of the Vampire Killer, and the battles of Leon Belmont who declares that from that day forth his Clan would “Hunt the Night. Mathias himself only shows up in the prologue text blurb, is talked about a lot in game, and only really shows up at the very end of the game to confirm everything is his fault and that he purposefully screwed over LITTERALLY everyone in the game [except for maybe Rinaldo who was screwed over by Walter, the games primary antagonist]

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